London, Ontario

YMCA of South Western Ontario

The ongoing project involves an exciting undertaking: expanding the second-floor fitness area located on the promising Northeast corner of the facility.

The planned extension covers an impressive 9,730 sq. ft. and requires the removal of a section of the current east exterior wall, glazing and roof. This addition aims to incorporate two cutting-edge multi-purpose studios, additional workout space on the second level, upgraded equipment, and an expanded childcare area on the main level.

Throughout the construction phase, it’s crucial to uphold the functionality of the current building and its rooms while prioritizing the safety of the public and staff. This project demands critical thinking and expertise essential for the success of any new addition. Specifically, ensuring the water-tightness of the existing facility and designing in harmony with the current structure are of utmost importance.

Project Scope:​

New Construction
Interior Renovation

Services Provided:

Full Architectural
Interior Design


9,730 sq. ft.

Construction Value:

$3 million


London, Ontario