London, Ontario

West Rock – Building 9

Building 9 is a precedent-setting building for the Westdel Bourne area. Conceived as a "landmark" new construction development, Building 9 utilizes solid and opaque materials to break down the overall massing of the facades creating an interlacing effect. The dramatic canopies denote primary and secondary entrances while providing texture and visual interest to the development.

matter placed great emphasis on this buildings contextual response to the public realm and pedestrian amenity spaces. The glazing provides unencumbered views of the subjects lands to the north while the south intentionally frames views of the retention pond via private / public patio spaces. In addition to the private office spaces a new restaurant has been placed on Level 1 that will take advantage of the natural views to the south while providing patrons with a private space to dine outdoors.

Lastly, the building’s facade has been equipped with LED that is hidden within the stucco pattern to provide additional visual interest in the twilight / evening hours.

Project Scope:​

New Construction

Services Provided:

Full Architectural Services


Victoria Campus = 40,000 sq. ft.

Construction Value:

$4.5 million


London, Ontario


2021 Don Smith Commercial Building Awards for Best New Commercial Building