London, Ontario

STEGH – Main Entrance Renovation

The STEGH Main Entrance Renovation in St. Thomas, Ontario, aimed to revamp the hospital's existing alcove into a new, efficient emergency department entrance. The goal: enhance accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics while complying with Ontario Building Code standards.

Our process began with a thorough alcove assessment. Strengthening the structure to support a modern glazing system was key. Our team seamlessly integrated the original wood soffit as a finished vestibule ceiling, respecting the site’s history. Safety and functionality were paramount. We conducted a rigorous life safety review to ensure exits and routes met Ontario Building Code standards. Throughout, we maintained strict compliance with regulations, prioritizing safety and accessibility.

Project Scope:​

Exterior Renovation

Services Provided:

Full Architectural


1,250 sq. ft.

Construction Value:

St. Thomas, Ontario