London, Ontario

SJHC – Fluoroscopy Renovation

In the pursuit of revitalizing the SJHC London Fluoroscopy Suite, the primary objective was crystal clear: seamlessly incorporate Siemens' cutting-edge "Artiszee" technology while concurrently reimagining the control spaces to elevate both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

We commenced the endeavor with a meticulous survey of the space, delving into its spatial dynamics and conducting a comprehensive analysis of its existing infrastructure. The integration process with Siemens necessitated a judicious coordination with the pre-existing mechanical and electrical systems. Through a closely-knit collaboration between Siemens and our team, the integration of Artiszee emerged as the zenith of a seamlessly orchestrated fusion. The existing framework gracefully welcomed the new addition, setting a precedent for the transformative potential of meticulous collaboration.

The rejuvenated control room now emanates a distinct sense of efficiency. Intuitively designed interfaces empower healthcare professionals, transcending conventional operational boundaries. It stands as a testament to the elegant convergence of form and function, where architectural design seamlessly intertwines with operational excellence. A new era unveils itself at the entrance, characterized by secure, contemporary entryways that establish a tone of safety and accessibility. The illumination, meticulously calibrated for precision, refrains from intrusive elements, enveloping the space in an ambiance of both security and warmth. Surfaces adorned in electrostatic finishes ensure a visual equilibrium with equipment readings, creating a balanced visual tableau that facilitates accurate diagnostics. The room’s aesthetics harmonize seamlessly with its functional imperative, embodying a meticulous attention to detail.

The SJHC London Fluoroscopy Suite renovation stands as a testament to the seamless integration of innovation and architectural heritage. It is a space where precision, efficiency, and aesthetic sensibility converge, ultimately redefining the future of medical imaging.

Project Scope:​

Interior Renovation

Services Provided:

Full Architectural
Interior Design


460 sq. ft.

Construction Value:



London, Ontario