London, Ontario

Oxford at Clemens Street

The visionary Oxford at Clemens Street project unveils a delicate 10-storey apartment building, comprised of 136 stunning residential units. Careful consideration has been given to the arrangement of diverse unit types, ranging from intimate Studio spaces to the spacious 2 Bed arrangements. By embracing a built form that gracefully tapers as it ascends, a harmonious symphony of outdoor rooftop amenity spaces unfolds, offering enchanting vistas for residents.

Alongside these delightful offerings, the project thoughtfully incorporates 12 surface parking stalls, while ingeniously concealing the remaining parking needs below the surface, ensuring the unblemished visual harmony of the surrounding landscape. Imbued with a deep sense of reverence for the existing lower-scale uses neighboring the site, our design diligently ensures that the massing of the new edifice remains sensitive, seamlessly integrating with its timeless surroundings.

The external visage of this development takes center stage, employing audacious material selections, such as Dark ACM/Brick/Longboard Wood, that purposefully draws attention to the paramount corner of the streetscape. This deliberate design choice acts as a resplendent beacon, signifying the primary entrance for pedestrians and cyclists who embark upon their journey to access the building, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between human movement and the built environment.

Project Scope:​

New Construction

Services Provided:

Master Planning
Site Plan Approval
Architectural Design
Interior Design


136,815 sq. ft.
Construction Value
$38 million (estimated)


London, Ontario