London, Ontario

matter architectural studio inc.  – Office Renovation

When designing our new home within the former Empire Brass Manufacturing Company building, our team was confronted with the task of achieving a delicate equilibrium between historic content and modern office requirements. Our design strategy revolved around the creation of an authentic studio environment that could seamlessly integrate the natural wood and brick elements inherent to the building's 1900s construction.

To achieve this, we strategically divided the floorplan into two primary zones, each with its own distinct purpose. The first zone, the public-facing area, became a vibrant space where shared functions such as boardroom meetings, kitchenette interactions, and our innovative “forum” took place. The forum, doubling as a meeting space for our clients, also incorporated an integrated virtual reality station, offering immersive design experiences. This zone embodied openness and provided an ideal setting for fruitful collaborations and the exchange of ideas.

The second zone, dedicated to our open office and collaboration area, was where our team carried out their day-to-day functions. Bathed in natural light streaming through the East, South, and West facades, this area exuded an airy and inviting atmosphere, encouraging productivity and creativity among our staff. To enhance the modern ambiance, contemporary lighting elements were carefully integrated, creating a captivating interplay between the historical and the contemporary. The juxtaposition of natural materials and modern elements creates a dynamic environment that sparks boundless creativity. This metamorphosis transcends conventional boundaries, inspiring collaborations and yielding extraordinary outcomes.

Project Scope:​

Interior Renovation

Services Provided:

Full Architectural Services


5,000 sq. ft.


London, Ontario


2023 Don Smith Commercial Building Award for Best Commercial Renovation ‘The Empire’ Building

This renovation holds immense importance for our office, as it serves as the physical embodiment of how we conduct our work. The studio environment we have created enables easy sharing of ideas and facilitates the success of our projects. By fostering an atmosphere where creativity flourishes and teamwork thrives, our transformed space serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence.