London, Ontario

London Public Library – Sherwood Branch

The upcoming renovation of Sherwood Branch Library is designed to transform and expand the library's offerings, including the after-school club and the Library Settlement Partnership Program, to foster a sense of community pride and belonging.

The redesign will introduce a dedicated youth and family room, emphasizing digital creativity and collaboration. A new welcoming service desk will be installed, complemented by updated flooring, paint, and finishes, all contributing to a fresh, modern aesthetic. The entrance from the mall will be reimagined to be bright, open, and inviting.

The improved floor plan will add 1,500 square feet, enabling the creation of larger programming and study rooms, alongside an expanded and better-equipped meeting room. Enhancements will also include an interactive children’s area, improved technology support, better sightlines throughout the library, and an upgraded back-of-house area for staff. Energy-efficient lighting, an exterior book return chute, and a new exterior window will be incorporated, ensuring the library meets contemporary standards.

These thoughtful and community-focused renovations will ensure that Sherwood Branch Library continues to serve the evolving needs of its growing community, solidifying its role as a vital hub in London’s North West.

Project Scope:​

Interior Renovation

Services Provided:

Architecture and Interior Design


9,800 sq. ft.

Construction Value:



London, Ontario