London, Ontario

LHSC – Mental Health Inpatient Unit

This project entailed the reimagining of over 30 existing inpatient rooms into fully accessible mental health overnight spaces. The objective was to craft safe environments, incorporating tamper-proof elements and a soothing ambiance, fostering an expedited path to patient recovery.

Each room underwent a comprehensive upgrade, encompassing finishes, medical gas systems, restrooms, and shower facilities. Beyond the primary spaces, crucial secondary areas such as nurses stations, medication rooms, and main corridors were elevated to prioritize the safety of both patients and staff during occupancy. Deliberate attention was given to staff and patient well-being, with designated areas for lunch and respite. Additionally, a formal office and interview room were integrated for patient intake, ensuring a holistic approach to care.

A notable achievement was the integration of existing windows and building systems. Through customized millwork solutions, we endowed each element with safety features, including tamper-proof, lockable mechanisms, demonstrating an effective approach to repurposing existing assets. This renovation project stands as a testament to our commitment to redefining spaces for optimal healing and safety in the realm of mental health care.

Project Scope:​

Interior Renovation

Services Provided:

Full Architectural
Interior Design


Victoria Campus = 10,800 sq. ft.
Construction Value:
$4.5 million


London, Ontario