London, Ontario

LHSC – Healthcare Research Studio

In response to LHSC's compelling commission, we envisioned a dynamic new headquarters for the ICES Western Team. This non-profit research institute, at the confluence of LHSC, Western, Lawson, and SJHC, unites a diverse community of research luminaries, data virtuosos, and clinical experts. It wields a substantial trove of Ontario's health-related data, combining security with accessibility.

Our endeavor commenced with the adaptive reuse of an existing structure at Victoria Campus, where design converged seamlessly with the team’s operational rhythm. This metamorphosis has engendered a thriving milieu, nurturing talent and propelling the next cohort of Ontario’s researchers and trainees.

Within the hallowed confines of Building 25, a sanctuary steeped in 1960s devotion, we embarked on a dual quest: to honor its legacy while sculpting its destiny. Meticulously discerning between conservation and innovation, we birthed a mechanical marvel in collaboration with our visionary client, breathing vitality into the once-dormant underbelly of the building, now an expanse of grandeur through soaring fenestration. The ensuing deluge of natural light and the tangible sense of belonging reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the well-being and inspiration of their team.

Concurrently, we embarked on a voyage of spatial introspection, invoking the ethos of a Living Office to craft bespoke “place types.” These enclaves foster serendipity and collaboration, nurturing the quintessence of humanity within the crucible of work.

Project Scope:​

Interior Renovation

Services Provided:

Full Architectural
Interior Design


Victoria Campus = 8,000 sq. ft.

Construction Value:

$2 million
London, Ontario