London, Ontario

First Canadian Title – London Headquarters

First Canadian Title (FCT) embarked on a visionary journey, transcending the boundaries of traditional office environments, as it sought a new home in Old East Village. Breaking free from the confines of its downtown London location, FCT embraced a paradigm shift towards a modern, amenity-rich workplace that would display a sense of liveliness and purpose. Within the over 31,000 square feet the space has been tailored to accommodate up to 165 employees.

The amalgamation of a hybrid laminate and vegetation wall adorns the reception area, serving as a captivating homage to the intrinsic harmony between the built environment and the organic world. This botanical enclave stands as a testament to the transformative power of architectural alchemy. Adjacent to this, the formal boardroom emerges, an exemplar of artistic ingenuity. Through the fusion of existing timber and steel elements a one-of-a-kind focal point is created for space.

With an ensemble of open-plan neighbourhoods, each possessing its own distinct character and narrative. The spaces unfolds, with clusters of workstations delineating boundaries, while the periphery is designed with open-air collaboration zones, fostering an environment of teamwork and synergy.

Nurturing the spirit of mindfulness and fostering a sense of community, the ethereal “Work Café” emerges as the pulsating heart of this creative haven. Here, a harmonious fusion of ergonomic furniture, resilient work surfaces, and an abundance of natural light converge to create an ambiance that catalyzes both chance encounters and exponential productivity among the devoted staff. This space acts as a monument to the intersection of work and play, invigorating the senses and nurturing the spirit of innovation.

Above all, the design of this new office has paid homage to the historical legacy of the space. Meticulous attention has been paid to the use of materials, ensuring a sense of timeless beauty.

Project Scope:​

Interior Renovation

Services Provided:

Architectural Design
Interior Design


31,075 sq. ft.


London, Ontario


2023 Don Smith Commercial Building Award for Best Commercial Renovation ‘The Empire’ Building