London, Ontario

CARFAX Canada – Canadian Headquarters Renovation

The CARFAX renovation is an exceptional example of adaptive reuse within an existing heritage building. The re-purposed space was originally part of the historic Kellogg manufacturing facility in London, Ontario.

Under the design vision of our office, the renovated space incorporated modern design elements while showcasing the components of the original industrial experience for over 230 staff members.
To support collaboration, socialization, and learning while paying homage to the Kellogg’s brand, the following meeting areas and tools were provided:

  • Seventeen 1-2 people focus rooms named for London with names like “Dufferin”, “OEV” and “Thames”
  • Eleven small-meeting rooms paying homage to Kellogg’s with names like “Corn Flakes” and “Fruit Loops”
  • Twelve conference rooms that feature privacy elements and increased AV capabilities
  • Four open organic collaborations zones with couches and tables
  • One large classroom that can break out into 3 sections named “Snap”, “Crackle” and “Pop”
  • Almost every white wall is a whiteboard
  • A product demo space
  • Kitchen and a work café with booths
  • Fun zone and games centre

Project Scope:​

Interior Renovation

Services Provided:

Full Architectural Services
Interior Design
Functional Planning


50,000 sq. ft.


London, Ontario


2021 Don Smith Commercial Building Award for Best Commercial Renovation

This renovation is not only an investment in their people but also affirms CARFAX Canada as a leader in the fast-growing technology and digital media industry.