London, Ontario

735 Wonderland Road North

To achieve a visually captivating and pedestrian-friendly streetscape the first principle of our design revolved around honoring the adjacent built form of the existing 1.5 to 2-storey plaza, recognizing its inherent angular character and seamlessly integrating with its architectural language. In terms of this language, our design aspirations revolve around achieving a contemporary modern aesthetic that pays homage to the adjacent plaza while imbuing the new tower development with its own distinct character.

We employ an incremental stepping back of the building form from the adjacent 2-storey office portion of the existing plaza, as well as from Beaverbrook Avenue and Horizon Drive. This strategic approach not only establishes a harmonious pedestrian scale at the street edge but also introduces a captivating articulation and material breaks, ensuring a dynamic and vibrant design response that transcends monotony.

The strategic location of the new building at the intersection of Beaverbrook Avenue and Horizon Drive is a pivotal decision. The main tower podium form steps back from Beaverbrook Avenue, granting priority to the 3-storey townhomes that anchor the pedestrian realm. The tower form above further steps back from the 4-storey podium along both Beaverbrook Avenue and Horizon Drive, artfully providing relief from the adjacent plaza’s lower existing form and the towering built form above. The entrances have been meticulously considered, encompassing both the existing office entrance and the new entrances required for the tower. The existing office entrance will be thoughtfully demolished to make way for the implementation of the new tower design. Simultaneously, a new office entrance is carefully integrated between the existing plaza and the new tower, off the main parking lot. A proud glass vestibule enhances the street presence of the new office entry, breathing new life into the surroundings.

Project Scope:​

New Construction

Services Provided:

Master Planning
Site Plan Approval
Architectural Design
Interior Design


302,000 sq. ft.
Construction Value
$60 million (estimated)


London, Ontario

Carefully selected building materials play a pivotal role in the composition. A mix of contemporary materials and modern elements harmoniously ties the new tower form to the existing adjacent plaza. Longboard wood panels, grey metal siding, white and dark grey linear brick, white concrete, white aluminum panels, and “YORK Blue” aluminum panels are thoughtfully placed along the podium and tower design, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing modern composition.

The culmination of these design decisions results in a dynamic design response that breathes new life into the existing area.