London, Ontario

608 Commissioners Road

608 Commissioners Road, a new six storey residential development has been designed to provide a clear distinction upon both public frontages through the strategic implementation of modest yard setbacks and the creation of active, uninterrupted street walls.

Windows and doors, strategically situated at regular intervals, shall establish an unswerving cadence of solid and void, providing each facade with a sense of order and unity. Such elements shall not only mitigate the perception of bulk but also invigorate the streetscape with their animated presence. By employing recesses and projections in the façade, we purposefully align these features with street-level entrances and balcony locales, thus granting a distinct and multifaceted countenance upon the structure. The interplay of fenestration elements and upper-level balconies serves to further deconstruct the building’s massing, forging an environment attuned to pedestrians and rooted in the vitality of the surrounding streetscape.

The conceptual assortment of materials shall provide an environment that is resolutely contemporary and inherently modern. The majority of the building’s exterior shall be adorned with materials that possess a certain ethereal quality, such as glass, architectural panels with expressive reveals, metal siding, and aluminum accents.

Project Scope:​

New Construction

Services Provided:

Master Planning
Site Plan Approval
Architectural Design
Interior Design


57,525 sq. ft.
Construction Value
$15 million (estimated)


London, Ontario