London, Ontario

530 Oxford Street West

530 Oxford Street West introduces an entirely new typology to London, Ontario: The waveform high rise. The tower designs incorporate a cohesive, contemporary façade style integrating extensive glazing, and uneven lines, balconies, and windows to help break up the continuous mass of the structure. A symphony of sculptural beauty emerges as we ascend, where the very essence of this structure manifests in the rhythmic arrangement of these enchanting balconies. With meticulous attention to detail, we have artfully ensured that this mesmerizing presence remains unblemished by the unseemly mechanical equipment areas.

The singularity of expression embodied by these resplendent bands serves to accentuate the building’s sculptural allure, fashioning a bewitching baroque silhouette against the vast expanse of the sky. This deliberate orchestration of forms engenders a sense of drama, creating a resplendent spectacle that transcends the ordinary and transports one into a realm of architectural grandeur.

The towers gracefully align themselves in harmonious adjacency to the vibrant Oxford Street West and Wonderland Road North frontages. With a thoughtful interplay of space, the building mass respectfully retreats from the podium elements, tenderly embracing their presence. This strategic maneuver serves a multitude of purposes: to fortify the urban building line and bestow a sense of prominence upon the pedestrian realm that dances along these animated street corridors; to celebrate and accentuate the captivating streetscape, unveiling its vibrant tapestry of life; and to seamlessly guide the transition of building height as it delicately emanates from the enchanting street corner. This choreographed placement of the towers orchestrates a symphony of architectural elegance, forging a graceful union between the built environment and the bustling urban fabric.

Project Scope:​

New Construction

Services Provided:

Master Planning
Site Plan Approval
Architectural Design
Interior Design


395,800 sq. ft.
Construction Value
$118 million (estimated)


London, Ontario